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Zanina Zanina is currently a doctoral candidate in Social Welfare Policy and Research. She holds a Master's in Social work, a Master's in the Teaching of Writing, and a Bachelor of Science in Special Education. Zanina asked Jesus Christ into her heart over twenty years ago and seeks to know Him more and serve Him better each day. She has been a member of Calvary Chapel of Hope Amityville, NY since 1996.

Like many, her faith and dreams have been challenged and smothered through trials and hardships. She is blessed to be the parent of an amazing daughter who perseveres and flourishes in the face of adversity. Danielle lives with cerebral palsy and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education in May of 2007. And He Will Lift You UpWhen Danielle was ten, Zanina was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and five years later, bipolar disorder. She shares the story of their challenges and triumphs in her first book And He Will Lift You Up: A Message of Hope in Disability, Depression, or Fear.

Zanina's life may read like a recipe for despondency and discouragement. But it is actually God's chosen and blessed path for a faith that trusts and follows the leading of a great and merciful God. He births dreams in her heart and holds her hand while they walk together to her dreams' fulfillment. Read about the gift of faith and how to follow your own dreams in Faith to Follow Your Dreams: 12 Steps to Fulfillment and Joy (working title).*

And He Will Lift You Up will be in print in early 2010. You can read more about it on the "My Books" link of this website. Look for updates regarding future publication dates.

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