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Faith to Follow Your Dreams:

12 Steps to Fulfillment and Joy
(working title)

by Zanina Jacinto

Everyone has a dream yet to be filled, a hope dashed, a longing that has spanned the length of his or her years. And every dream has a myriad of obstacles to its fulfillment. Faith to Follow Your Dreams is a simple, concrete guide to understanding your heart, seeking God's heart, and following the dreams you were born to realize. It is founded on the truth of God's Word and illustrated through living examples of the power and blessings of faith.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part addresses our longing for more. It gives understanding as to why we have dreams and a deeper knowing of the One who births them in our hearts. Of course, with every dream there are numerous obstacles, so Faith to Follow Your Dreams sheds light upon those frequent and abundant hindrances that stand in the way of our heart's desires. And the best part--it shares the truth about the wonderful gift of faith and the One who gives that faith to all who ask with a pure heart.

Part Two is a simple 12 step guide to following your dreams. I hope you will find it practical as well as personal. I know that it will lead you to the deepest fulfillment and the greatest joy you've ever known. I know because these are the steps that the Lord has led me to follow. And though I have struggled through difficult times and painful circumstances, my heart is overflowing with great joy and I am more fulfilled than I have ever been!

God bless you with faith to follow Him for all you'll ever need.


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