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And He Will Lift You Up

And He Will Lift You Up:

A Message of Hope in Disability, Depression, or Fear

by Zanina Jacinto

Dani at age 3
If you've ever felt the devastation of learning your child has a disability or chronic illness, if you've ever been afraid as you see your body or your mind slipping away, if you've ever been broken by the pain of divorce or struggled in providing for your family's needs--you are not alone. But when you face these things, you feel very alone. Disability is always associated with loss--the loss of health, the loss of strength, the loss of hope. Even divorce or the death of a loved one can create a handicap. A handicap of income. A handicap of time. A handicap of heart.

And He Will Lift You Up: A Message of Hope in Disability, Depression, or Fear is a testimony of love and faith in the most trying of times. It is the unveiling of a relationship between a broken and wounded soul and the faithful Healer who gives that soul its very breath. It is affirmation that you are not alone.

Zanina and Dani And He Will Lift You Up is a fresh and tender look at disability. It teaches perseverance to those who are struggling and demonstrates the enduring power of faith.

Through the intimacy of personal narrative and the art of story-telling, you are introduced to a woman far too familiar with disabilities. As a single mom, she raises a daughter with cerebral palsy (CP) and goes back to school to become a teacher of special needs children, only to find that she is losing the use of her legs because she has multiple sclerosis (MS). She perseveres as she walks with the Lord through the trials of the disease, her daughter's handicap, teaching and her own schooling--and receives a Master's Degree in the Teaching of Writing. She battles depression, fatigue and muscle weakness until her body, mind and spirit reach a moment of crisis and she is no longer able to work. In this dark and frightening place, she also discovers she has bipolar disorder. Seeking the Lord for healing, hope and provision, God graciously and miraculously supplies all their needs while the Holy Spirit teaches her about faith, perseverance, healing, hope, depression, anger, sanctification and more. As she trusts and obeys her Lord, He gives her strength and vision and leads mother and daughter right to the Promised Land of Israel where they experience the fullness of His grace, power and love.

And He Will Lift You Up is more than help for those with disabilities. It is a companion. It breeds intimacy between the reader and the author through their common struggles, pain and fears. It breeds intimacy between the reader and his or her own emotions through understanding and acceptance. And it breeds intimacy between the reader and the Lord Jesus Christ--the author and finisher of our faith. It is, further, the call to strengthen one another (Luke 22:31-32, NKJV) and the enablement to do so with faith, hope and courage.


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